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    Life Force Rules


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    Life Force Rules Empty Life Force Rules

    Post by dragofan010 on Sun Jun 23, 2013 8:19 pm

         Two ways to keep score (A paper and pencil is good, or you could just post them in a post)
         At least two players
         At least three HSP Gate Cards (Listed here)
         At least three Ability Cards (Any Version.  HSP, Season 1, Season 2, etc.)
         At least three Bakugan (decide this with your opponent before a game) (must be legit, unedited Bakugan.  No using 80 trillion G-Powered bakugan, for example, for they would never exist)
         At least two support pieces (Battle Gear and Trap only)
         Absolutely NO Maxus Dragonoid/Helios

    How To Play:

    1. Each player starts off with 1000 life points in their bank.
    2. After the players are decided, use a dice roll to determine who goes first.
           If two players, odd means first listed goes first.  Even means second goes first.
           If three players, 1-2 means 1st.  3-4 means 2nd.  5-6 means 3rd.
           If four players, 1 means 1st.  2 means 2nd.  3 means 3rd.  4 means 4th.  5-6 mean reroll.
    3. Who ever goes first sets a gate card.  Starting from him/her, each player uses the decider to decide if the Bakugan they rolled land.  They MUST say the Bakugan rolling in the post they use the dice roll.  If odd, it is a miss.  If even, it lands.
    4. If two bakugan land on the same card, the following occur:
           If they belong to the same person, they choose one of the Bakugan and removes it from the gate card.
           If they belong to different people, a battle commences.

    1. Who ever owns the gate card reveals what the gate card is in a post, followed by a picture (the link houses a picture of every HSP gate card).
    2. Starting w/ the player who landed on the card first, each player takes turns placing actions for the battle, having infinite abilities, but only being able to go one at a time.  The "actions" are the same as if a regular brawl.
    3. After the players BOTH decide they have no remaining moves, the battle ends, and G-Power is calculated.  The winner is determined by who ever has the highest G-Power, unless otherwise noted on the gate card.
    4. The gate card goes to the winner's "used pile" and the HSP on the bottom-right hand corner of the Gate Card is removed from the loser's Life Points.
    5. If there is a tie, the gate card stays in the field and both bakugan go back to their owner's.  Each player loses half of the HSP, and the ability cards are wasted.

    When a player runs out of Life Points, they are eliminated.  Which ever player/team is left standing wins!

    These rules are allowed to be varied up in case of official tournament or in general without warning.  It is the player's responsibility to be up-to-date with the rules.  If you are found purposely cheating in this section, whether be these rules or Valentin's rules, the following actions will be given:
         First Time: PM Warning
         Second Time: Warning, possible suspension from BakuDome, ban from rankings
         Third Time: Ban from the BakuDome altogether.
    Enjoy brawling at MyBakuganCommunity2: The Second Era!  These rules were posted here to keep brawling fun and fair.  If you find a problem in the rules, please send me a PM.

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