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    Any Brawling-Related Questions


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    Any Brawling-Related Questions

    Post by dragofan010 on Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:49 am

    Q: When using a Dice- Rolling Bakugan, how do I decide the G-Power?
    A: Simple.  Just roll two dice.  Say in the original post what Bakugan you are rolling and list off the possible G-Powers in numerical order.  For example,

    550; 580; 600; 680; 700; 750
    1      2      3     4      5     6

    When you roll, check the second dice.  Match the number with the G-Power listed, viola!
    Don't try editing your post to change the numbers, it will be considered against the rules to change the number and it is already considered cheating to edit a post, period.

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