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    Post by dragofan010 on Fri Jul 04, 2014 12:27 pm

    So, I was really bored, so I decided to write a new fanfic!  I'm not going to take the time to explain everything like I usually do, you're going to read the story anyway (hopefully).  Just so you know, though, this goes by the original brawling system from the original season, not the Life Force system or whatever it's called.

    Chapter One – The Unknown Visitor (Wish He Knew)


              “Gate card open!” Peter shouted, holding his arms out towards the field, facing two creatures – a brown Cyclops creature and a pure black Dragon.  A border glowed around the two, then began to rise and emerge until it created a perfect square around the two.  When it had finished, the Subterra Cycloid and the Darkus Dragonoid began to glow a weird aura.  Peter looked down at the BakuPod on his wrist and watched as the two G-Powers went up.  He was losing 490 to 550, and the score was tied 2 to 2.

              “Hm, so?” asked an annoying kid on the other side who randomly decided to challenge Peter that day.  “I’m still ahead by 60 points, and I can completely seal the deal with my final ability card.”  He pulled a card out of his pocket, then held it out.  “Ability activate, Pit Fight!”  The card glowed, then an earth quake began just in that small bordered area.  Peter looked down at his BakuPod once again and stared in wonder.  He was now losing by 140G.  “Since there are two different types of Bakugan on the field, this ability gives me 40G for each of them!”

              Oh no, Peter thought in his head mockingly, what am I going to do?

              “Shaking in your boots, aren’t you?” the kid asked.

              “Trembling.”  Peter rolled his eyes, then pulled out his own card.  “Unfortunately for you, though, I’m not like most brawlers.”

              “Why is that?” the kid asked, figuring Peter to be bluffing.

              Peter smiled.  “Unlike most people around here, I have a rare card.”

              “Okay, so?  There’s no way you can make up 140G with your last ability card.  You’re done for.”  The kid grinned, sure he was certain of victory here.

              Peter held up four fingers.  “We’re tied 2-2.  Whenever a Bakugan loses a battle, it is removed from the game, but still counts as part of the Used Pile.”

              “So four Bakugan.  Why should I care?”

              “Because, ability activate, Triangle of Power!”

              The border glowed brighter as the Cycloid backed into a corner and the Dragonoid flew high into the sky.  A pyramid began to rise out of the ground, depicting three different symbols.  One looked like an odd skull, the symbol for Darkus.  Next was a weird curvy set of lines, the symbol for Ventus.  Finally, up on top was a filled in symbol, taking up a lot of space, the symbol for Subterra.  The kid looked terrified as his Cycloid tried to back away further, then he looked down at his BakuPod.  The Dragonoid went up 200 G-Power.

              “But – How?” he asked, unsure of how this was possible.

              “It was simple,” Peter began, “this card gives my Bakugan 50 G-Power for each Bakugan in either player’s Used Pile.  If you do the math, I just gained 200, and now you’re behind by 60.”

              “Cycloid, block, keep blocking until his Dragonoid’s strength goes down!” the kid commanded.

              The cyclops raised his weapon and began swinging, but it was no use.  The black dragon roared fire at the Cycloid, causing it to roar.  Both creatures glowed, then the Dragonoid turned into a small, purple ball and flew into Peter’s hand.  The Cycloid turned into an equally sized ball, but bounced on the ground towards the kid.  After this, everything began to glow until the light eventually blinded the two brawlers.

              Peter had won.




              “You handled that rather well,” the Darkus Dragonoid began, resting peacefully on Peter’s shoulder.

              “What do you mean?” he asked as he biked through the empty streets, bored to death.

              “You hate it when people randomly just assume they’re better than the rest.  This kid nearly had you, though, but you took it all peacefully.”


              “He almost proved you wrong in saying that he was… um… what were your exact words?”  The Dragonoid paused for a moment.  “’An annoying little brat that should learning to think before he opened his mouth,’ I think were your exact words.”

              Peter didn’t reply for a moment, reading a web page.  “I guess you have a point there, it would have been a bit awkward if I hadn’t won.  But I had it in the bag, since I rarely ever use T.O.P. before the third battle.”  Peter stopped, then began to type on the keyboard.

              About an hour later, something began to glow in Peter’s deck case.

              “Hm, what’s glowing?” the Dragonoid asked, looking at the box pained black with purple lines, sort of like a swirling pattern.

              “No clue, Solomon.”  Peter picked up the Dragonoid, Solomon, and placed him on the desk next to the box.  He then grabbed the deck box and opened it, examining the contents to find the card that was glowing.

              Strigo… something began in the back of Peter’s mind.

              Solomon groaned.  “Head ache.”

              “You okay, Solo?” Peter asked, concerned for his friend.

              “Yeah, I’ll be fine, just figure out what it is that’s glowing.”

              Peter pulled out the seven cards inside the box, then held them out like a hand in poker.  In the middle was Peter’s gate card, randomly glowing purple as it usually does before a brawl.

              “Hm?” Peter asked.  As soon as he said this, though, the card ceased its glowing, becoming a regular field card.

              “Peculiar,” Solomon (or Solo, as Peter called him at times) sighed, hoping something rather interesting was about to happen.

              “I agree.”  Peter sat there in thought for a moment, wondering what that was he heard.  Strigo, I’m pretty sure that’s what something said before I pulled out the cards…  Peter looked back up to the computer and did a web search on that phrase.  No results for “Strigo,” the computer said.




              “Hey, Peter!” Eugene shouted across the street as Peter rode by the next morning on his bike.

              “Hey, Eugene.”  Peter turned 180 degrees, then began to slow down as he stopped next to Eugene.  Solo sat on Peter’s shoulder, as usual, and looked at the brown haired kid curiously.

              Eugene was about 14 years old.  He had black eyes like he was an anime character and large, round eyes.  His hair was spiky, having a random hair sticking out in the middle to a point, obvious that it was intended to look like that.  Eugene was wearing black jeans and a white shirt with a star on it, the Haos symbol.

              “So, you wanted to ask me something?” Peter asked, getting off of his bike.

              “Yeah,” began a small white Bakugan on Eugene’s shoulder.  It was small, had a high voice, and looked like some sort of falcon with wings.  Tori, Eugene called her.  “Eugene was asking my opinion on this last night, he wanted to know if you’d help him become a better brawler.”

              Peter looked stunned for a split second.  “You want me to tutor you in brawling?” he asked, slightly confused.

              “Well,” Eugene began, “more of a mentor.  In return, I help you with anything you need help with, assuming it does not involve brawls.”

              Solo was laughing quietly to himself, making Peter want to throw him at the wall of Eugene’s house.

              “Um… I don’t think I really know how to teach someone…” Peter began, not really wanting to teach Eugene.

              “Oh, please, Peter-san?”

              Peter-san?  This kid’s been watching too much subbed anime…

              “Please?” he continued.

              “Please, Peter?” Tori began, “Eugene will keep working on the worst strategies possible and making me suffer through them.”

              “Hey, I’m not that bad!” Eugene shouted at the Haos Falconeer on his shoulder.

              “Yes,” all three began at the same time, “you are.”

              “Hm, rude, all three of you,” Eugene grunted.

              Solo continued laughing quietly as Peter thought to himself.

              “Anything?” Peter asked.


              “Fine, under one condition.”  Peter made it obvious that this was not something he would negotiate on.

              “This should be good,” Tori commented.

              “What is it, Peter-san?” Eugene asked.

              Peter rolled his eyes.  “Two, then.  One, no more sans.  Two, if I want to test a strategy, I can try it on you.  Deal?”

              Eugene thought about what he just heard, thinking he was getting the better end of the deal here.  “That’s it?  Deal!”  Eugene held out his hand, which Peter took and shook to finish the deal.  “When do we start?”

              “I’ll come up with a special strategy later tonight,” Peter began, getting back on his bike.

              “We can’t start now?” Eugene asked, rather disappointed.

              “Sorry, guys,” Solo began, “we actually have to work on something today, a special project Peter’s been working on for a few weeks.”

              Eugene frowned.  “Okay, then, bye, guys.”

              “See ya!” Peter said, beginning to ride off.

              “Sayonara, Solo, Peter,” Tori began.

              “Good day, guys,” Solo finished, turning towards Peter so nobody else could hear.  “You don’t have any special plans, do you?

              “Nope.”  Peter smirked.




              Back in his room, Peter looked around, trying to figure out what to do for the remainder of the day.  Peter has about ten different strategies set up, all of which he could easily use to help Eugene with his terrible brawling skills.  He looked over at a small card table and debated setting up a small simulation of what the duel would look like, but decided not to.  On his dresser were old items from old hobbies he tried out but couldn’t care less about now, like a tennis racket and a small chess board.

              “Ever figure out why that card was glowing yesterday?” Solo asked, rolling around on Peter’s desk out of boredom.

              “Nope, haven’t thought of anything,” Peter admitted, rather embarrassed that he couldn’t do it.  “Too much to think about, so little information to actually put anything together.”

              “Too bad,” Solo began, jumping into the air and landing, unfolded into a weird design that looked like a dragon.  “Something interesting had finally happened.”

              Someone began to call from outside Peter’s room.

              “Peter!” a female voice began, “there’s a package here for you!”

              “Okay, Mom!”  Peter quickly jumped up and ran over to the door.  “I’ll be right back.”

              After Peter closed the door, he began to hear it again.


              “Oh, great, not again,” Peter mumbled, running over to the door where his mother had placed a small envelope.  He grabbed it, then ran back into his room.  He looked over at his deck box, which had been opened.  A card was glowing inside, and Solo sat next to it, except…


              He was in regular marble form and gray, rolling around the card like he was in a trance.

              “Solo?” Peter asked, walking over to the desk and picking him up.  As soon as he touched Solo, color returned to the small Dragonoid and he was back to normal.

              “Huh?” he asked, slightly dazed and confused.  “What happened?”

              “No clue,” Peter said.  He looked over at the deck box and saw that the field card was glowing once again.

              Come, enter Strigo… the voice in the back of Peter’s mind began again.

              “I wonder…” Peter closed the door behind him, then pulled the field card out of the deck box.  He took the deck box and strapped it to his jeans, then placed Solo and two random Bakugan inside as well.  Finally, he held out the field card, facing it away from him.

              “Field open,” he said automatically, completely lifeless and dull.  Peter whited out and it glowed brighter and brighter as if he was entering a brawl.




              When he came to, Peter was standing in the weird arena that a brawl usually took place in, although he wasn’t alone.

              Across the lane laid someone he didn’t recognize, about the same age as him.  It looked like a girl, about the same age as Peter.  She was wearing a blue dress that looked a bit out of place, considering this is where they played a game.  She had long, blonde hair.  She was facing away, so Peter couldn’t tell what she looked like.

              “Hello?” Peter asked, running over to the girl.

              “Huh?” she asked groggily.  She started to stand up, then dropped a small deck box like Peter’s except it was red and orange.  Out of it rolled a small Bakugan, one unfamiliar to Peter.

              “Hm… are we supposed to brawl?” Peter wondered, trying to figure out if she was somehow forcing his card to glow.

              “A brawl, you say?” she asked in a high voice, finally able to stand without nearly falling over.  “What’s that?”

              Peter looked at the girl like she was kidding.  She has a Bakugan right there, there are cards inside, she had to have used a field card to get here.  She’s not serious, she can’t be.

              “Where am I?” she asked, looking around.  “I don’t remember coming here.”

              “Neither can I,” started an unknown voice, causing the girl to jump.

              “Who was that?” she asked, looking around like she just heard a monster.

              “Your guardian, you idiot,” continued the voice again.  It must have been the small Bakugan on the ground.

              “Who said that?  Reveal yourself!” she continued.

              Peter face palmed.

              “She is kidding, right?” Solo asked from his deck box.

              “Hopefully, let’s force her out of the play,” Peter started, pulling out a gate card.  “Come on, I’ll show you what a brawl is.  Pull out a gate card.”

              The girl looked back at Peter.  “But, what is a brawl?” she asked.

              “It’s a game, why don’t you try?  It’s really fun!”

              “Okay, then.”  She bent down and picked up the box and the Bakugan.  She looked inside, then a look of despair came across her face.  “I only have six cards in here, is that enough?” she asked.

              “That should be good.  Now, pull out the square one and throw it and shout ‘Gate card set.’”

              “Peter, wait,” Solo began.

              The girl pulled out a gate card, then did as Peter said.  The two threw their cards and shouted, “Gate card set!”  The girl’s gate sat on zone B3 and Peter’s sat on B2.

              “I’ll go first, so you know what to do,” Peter started, looking down at the BakuPod he had on the entire time (he never took it off except for bed).  Something struck him as odd, she only had one Bakugan.

              Well, she is pretending she does not know how to play, I guess that’s expected.

              Peter pulled out a small, purple Serpenoid.  “Bakugan brawl!

              “Wait, Peter!” Solo begged as Peter threw the small marble.

              The small snake Bakugan rolled around on the field, eventually rolling into the middle of the girl’s gate card.  It stopped, then morphed into a tiny snake.  It glowed, then enlargened into the largest snake you would have ever seen.


              “Now it’s your turn, do the same with your Bakugan.”

              “Okay, then.”  She picked up the tiny thing that was insulting her earlier.

              “What’s your name, anyway?” Peter asked.

              The girl took a moment to think.  “I can’t remember.”

              “Hm?” Peter asked.

              “Okay, then, Bakugan brawl!” she shouted, throwing the small marble out towards her own card.  It landed in the middle, then enlargened to another dragon thing, but it wasn’t a Dragonoid, and Peter had never seen that specific Bakugan before.

              “Leonidas!” the thing roared at the Serpanoid, although he did not want to fight.


              “Why must I fight your battles, stupid humans?” Leonidas asked in defiance, looking away.

              Solo began to whisper, “Peter, we need to talk.”

              “After this game, Solo.  Now, if you want, open your gate card or activate an ability card, or just continue on with a battle.  Your Bakugan is currently ahead by 20 G-Power.”

              “But I am not playing your pathetic little game,” Leonidas stated, sitting on the ground on the gate card.

              “Um… okay… What can I call you?” Peter asked the girl.  “This is getting annoying, not calling you by a name.”

              “I don’t know, what did people call me?” she asked.

              “Hm… how about…” Peter began.

              Don’t say it, don’t say it… Solo begged in his head.

              “How about Strigo?” Peter asked.

              “Strigo, hm?” Leonidas asked, slightly intrigued.  “Okay, then, humans, I’ll go along with your little game.”  He stood back up, ready to battle.  “Let’s go.”

              “Yay!” Strigo shouted, excited that she succeeded in getting the Leonidas to play along.

              “Now, continue the game,” Peter told Strigo.

              “Okay, gate card open!” she shouted.  “Light-Burst!”

              That’s a Haos gate card, not Pyrus…

              Leonidas went up to 390G and the Serpenoid went up to 490G.  Peter was winning.

              “You idiot…” Leonidas began.

              “Hey!” Strigo began, fighting with the Leonidas.

              Peter turned around, then pulled out Solo.  “What’s wrong?”

              “What’s wrong?” Solo repeated.  “Something’s wrong here, she shouldn’t have been able to come here.  She only had six cards, and the gate card would not have worked if she did not have enough ability or gate cards.  That means she did not have a field card, but somehow, she was still able to come here.”

              “Maybe she simply miscounted?” Peter suggested.

              “Possibly, but what about that Bakugan of hers, that Leonidas?  I’ve never heard of that one, not even back in Vestroia!”

              Vestroia was the home of the Bakugan.  Peter knew a little bit about Vestroia, but since he’d never be able to go, and since Bakugan were kinda stuck on Earth for the moment, he didn’t take the time to learn about it.

              “Could be a coincidence,” Peter pointed out.

              “Yes, but look at that gate card and the fact that the Leonidas was never in on the strategy.  This isn’t an act, something’s really going on here.”

              “Okay,” Strigo called, “back to the game, I’ve figured out what I want to do!”

              “After I told you, you idiot,” Leonidas whispered, which was rather loud, considering he’s the size of a skyscraper.

              “Hey!” she shouted.  She held up an ability card and activated it.  “Ability activate, Mirror Image!”  Peter heard of the card before, people didn’t play it often.  It simply just swapped the two Bakugan’s G-Powers at the time of activation.  Not that big of a deal, better to have gotten rid of now, though.

              The Leonidas roared and slashed at the Serpenoid, sending it tumbling back to Peter in ball form as Leonidas flew back into Strigo’s hand.

              “Yay!  I won!” she shouted.

              “Not yet, I still have two more.”

              “What?” she asked.  “No fair, I only have one!”

              Hm? Peter thought, pulling out Solo.  “Maybe you can finish this off, Solo, so we can see what is going on.  Bakugan brawl!”

              Peter threw the Dragonoid towards his gate card, then watched as he grew to his regular form.  He was ready to fight, that was for sure.


              “Okay, then, can I use Leonidas again?” Strigo asked.

              “Sure?” Peter answered, slightly confused.

              “Idiot,” the small marble continued again.

              “Bakugan brawl!  Leonidas stand!” she shouted as she threw the Leonidas.  She started celebrating as soon as he left her hand.  “Oh my, that felt so natural to say, did I do that right?”

              Leonidas roared as he landed on Peter’s gate card.  Peter smiled, ready to win this game.

              “Gate card open!” he shouted.  “Character card, Dragonoid!”  Peter thought in his head how Solo would double in G-Power and that Strigo wouldn’t be able to stop it.

              “Aw, no fair!”  she pouted.  She pulled out an ability card.  “Um… ability activate, Character Guard!”

              Another thing Peter had not heard of that day.

              “This card lets Leonidas gain character bonuses on character cards!”

              “Not so fast, ability activate!” Peter held up another card, ready to win.  “Ability cancelation!  This blocks out one ability card effect!”

              “Aw,” Strigo began, then pulled out her last card.  “Hey, this has my name on it!” she shouted.

              Hm? Peter thought.  He only decided to call her that because that’s the reason the brawl even started.  He thought this whole memory loss thing was a joke, but if that is the case…

              “Ability activate, Strigo!” she shouted.

              There was a loud screeching, blowing everyone’s ear drums out.  Strigo and Peter dropped to their knees, covering their ears.  Leonidas and Solo were in pain as well, but it looked like it was literally driving them crazy.  Peter didn’t know what else to do.

              Peter fell over.  He tried to reach for his field card, but could not reach it.  He blacked out.




              When Peter came to, he was back in his room.  As if it was a regular brawl, time had not moved at all.  It was the same time it was when he picked up his field card.  His envelope was where he placed it.  Solo was on his desk.

              “What happened?” Peter asked, falling onto his bed.

              “Not sure,” Solo stated, a bit dizzy.  “It was to high in frequency, hurting my ears.”

              Peter looked over at the envelope.  “Let’s be sure never to brawl her again if we can avoid it, we know she does know how to brawl, unlike she said.”

              “I doubt it at this point,” Solo stated as Peter opened the envelope.

              Inside was a letter, but it was really short.  Not formal whatsoever, mainly just a warning.

              Strigo will soon come and take your cards and Bakugan.  Maybe we’ll recruit you as well.

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