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    Post by dragofan010 on Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:54 am

    For something to do, since I am bored and my OCD is getting the best of me as I look through old RPs, I thought I'd do a bit of organizing.  I'll try to put any RP on MBC2 on this list and organize it as best as I can.  If you find any errors, please PM me.  I am going to be locking this forum topic (not that it matters, since it's mainly just admins who log on anyway, give or take a few new members), so do not bother trying to post here.

    Quick little definitions in the spoiler for you so you know how I personally define the categories.
    Active - An active role play is one that has not ended and is currently still going on.  This does not include sequels, since they would be their own topic.

    Finished - A finished role play is rather self explanatory - finished.  The rules here are the same with sequels.  If you make a new page for the sequels, it is considered a new RP, thereby earning it's own spot in the listing.

    Dead - Dead role plays are role plays that never really finished, but they don't get updated anymore.  At the time of this post being created, it's everything, minus the one or two that properly finished.  If you skip to the last post, you'll see it just stops abruptly.
    NOTE: I am
    not listing the dead RPs.  There are way too many.  Rule of thumb, if it was made before this page, it's most likely dead.  Forum makers will probably try to PM me, anyway, that they have a RP.

    Bakugan RP - Do you remember on the original MBC when people wanted to RP but did not have a plot in mind, so they just started up a random page with the title "Bakugan RP"?  That's exactly this.  No original plot.  (Probably) no original name.  Simply random.
    NOTE: If a role play follows these basic rules except it gives a basic plot in the first post, IT IS NOT A "BAKUGAN RP"!!!  I refuse to argue over that.  If it has a plot from the get-go, it had a pre-made plot.  End of story.

    Before the actual list, here's some basic rules for anyone in the future who may or may not want their RP on this list.

    1. If you want your RP put on the list, PM me.  I'm not the oversee-er of the RP section, I have no sixth sense that tells me when a new page is posted.
    2. If your RP ends or is being started up again (after dying), please tell me.  I'll update it.
    3. If you want to try and restart/reboot a dead RP... hm... PM me if you do, we'll deal with that as it comes up.
    4. It is up to my discretion and other administrators' discretion what considers an RP dead, breaking forum rules, etc.  If we decide it does, it will be deleted, locked, removed from the list, etc.  Don't stomp your foot and act like a two-year-old.  Role playing is a game.  I deal with this all the time when I play a game of Yu-Gi-Oh! in real life and my opponent(s) get annoyed and flip the table or something.  I always tell them, "look on the back of a booster pack, it says 6+!"  Does it really make sense to freak out over this stuff?
    5. I put a lot of time into creating this, please don't be a jerk about anything. If I missed your PM for your RP, I missed it.  This may be hard to believe after seeing how large this post is, but I do have a life.  I am human.  I do make mistakes.  If you spam me about getting your RP on the list, I will make a new section specifically for annoying RPers that people should try to stay away from on the interwebs.
    6. If you're reading these out of curiosity and do not plan to have me post an RP here, hi!  Enjoy the free list of RPs to choose from!

    Now for the lists!

    The Hunters ~dragofan010

    Red Topic Name To Be Decided Later As I Watch The RP Play Out ~dragofan010

    Bakugan RPs

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