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    The Hunters


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    The Hunters Empty The Hunters

    Post by dragofan010 on Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:14 am

    Ichihara Ikku only remembers one thing: waking up in some sort of laboratory and being attacked by guards waiting for him outside.  Since then, after narrowly escaping with his life, he has been on the run from these people he doesn't even know, trying to find out who they were and why he woke up without a clue who he was, other than his own name.

    When he was at the end of the road, though, and the unknown men nearly captured him for good, some girl claiming to be part of a group called
    The Retrievers came to save him.  Now he has a chance to figure out what had happened to him, who the people were that kept him prisoner, and fight a war he never knew existed in the first place.

    Quick Summarization For Those Who Did Not Read:
    Ikku woke up with no memory whatsoever with guards waiting for him to wake up outside.  He escapes, and is on the run for a long while.  When he's finally done for and they're about to capture Ikku, a girl from a group called The Retrievers comes and saves him and basically "recruits" him.


    1. No need to ask to play.
    2. Don't godmod, spam, etc.  This is (hopefully) not your first role play.  You know the drill.
    3. Follow the plot.  Yes, it's fun to have your own backstory, but where's the fun if there is a big fight scene going on, then your character suddenly appears fifty miles away strolling through a park?
    4. Don't make a character one of the head people in either group without my permission.  It's been a real pain in my side ever since the original MBC.
    5. No foul language, please.  If you must, censor.  (I'm pretty sure there's a rule on the site against it already...)

    LET'S PLAY!!!

    Posts : 659
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    Post by dragofan010 on Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:48 am

    Mana: -banging on the door outside Ikku's dorm room- Ikku, wake up!
    Ikku groans, then rolls over. He takes a small pillow and throws it at the door in a terrible attempt to shut Mana up.
    Ikku: [groggily] I'm trying to sleep.
    Mana: I figured that much out, you idiot! Wake up, it's noon!
    Ikku slowly gets up from his bed and heads over to a dresser. He takes out the clothes he is going to wear for the day, then heads over to the door.
    As it slides open, Mana is standing there, getting ready to punch Ikku for back-talking her.

    Mana: I told you not to stay up late last night! It's only your third day and you're already getting yelled at!
    Ikku: I don't recall agreeing to join you guys yet.
    A Darkus Reaper floats up behind Ikku.
    Reaper: He has a point.
    Mana: He has no point! And you, Reaper, are a part of the Retrievers, so shut up!
    Tigger: Calm down, Mana, you've gotten him to wake up. Be thankful for that.
    The Haos Tigrerra that was sitting on Mana's shoulders closes up and floats off down the hall. Mana follows, then Ikku follows once the Reaper is on his shoulder.
    Ikku: So, what exactly are we doing today?
    Mana: We're bringing you up to speed with our war with the Hunters so you're not completely in the dark.
    Ikku: You mean, after I take a shower and change clothes, like I was on my way doing?
    Mana turns a corner into a large library as Ikku continues walking.
    Mana: Ugh, hurry up.
    The Reaper floats off of Ikku's shoulder and off towards Mana.
    Reaper: I'll give you some space for that. -turns to Mana- Now, what specifically are you telling him?
    Mana: The obvious stuff.
    Tigger: You mean, obvious to people involved.
    Mana: Yeah. We've been at war with the Hunters who've been kidnapping Bakugan from brawlers all around the world and turning them into Chaos Bakugan. The reason nobody is reporting anything, though, is because they lose all memory of their Bakugan once they lose them, although the reason for that is unknown. We're working to save the Bakugan they take and basically un-chaos them.
    Reaper: Okay, good. Nothing that'll just confuse him. That's okay, our superiors won't mind that little detail being given.
    Mana sits down in a chair at one of the tables and opens up a folder that was already there. Pictures of Ikku on the run are littered on the table, along with notes about what had apparently happened to him in the past few days.
    Mana: This is making no sense.
    Tigger: What isn't, my dear?
    Mana: His story. He woke up in a lab with memory loss, and guards were waiting for him outside. That sounds like he lost a brawl with one of them, but he should have only lost memories of his Bakugan, not everything. And why were guards waiting for him outside?
    Tigger: Isn't that part of the reason why you invited him to join us and to stay here for a few days while we make sure he's okay?
    Mana: Yeah, but still, I have to at least try to figure out what happened. And, assuming that my theory is true and he did lose a brawl to one of them. That does not explain why he needed guards, or why they chased him down for so long, or how he was able to even hide from them for so long.
    Reaper: I'm sure we'll figure it out some time soon.


    Meanwhile, in the locker room, Ikku walks in and turns towards a locker that Mana had someone assign to him. He undoes the lock, then puts in his folded clothes. Then he reaches into a pocket in his pajamas and pulls out a clear marble with marks you'd have to squint at really close to notice. He places it carefully in the locker, hiding it underneath the clothes.


    ooc: Okay, so, we're off with a bit of a lack of information, I know. But that's what makes RPing fun, is it not? Coming up with everything as you go, doesn't that sound amazing? Anyway, character bios for Mana and Ikku are below. I'll try to make it easy and in every post I make with a new (human) character and post their little bio underneath at the very bottom. Hope you enjoyed the little pilot! Bye!
    (if this doesn't get anyone else playing, I'll just continue it, but move it to Fanfiction)

    Natsume Mana
    Age: 16 Years
    Gender: Female
    Alliance: Retrievers
    Attribute: Haos
    Haos Tigrerra 340G (Tigger)
    Description: Long, black hair. Red eyes (contacts), prefers to wear uniform than fancy dresses.
    Personality: Bored easily, impatient, quick thinking in times of emergency.

    Ichihara Ikku
    Age: 15 Years
    Gender: Male
    Alliance: Unalligned, working with the Retrievers
    Attribute: Darkus
    Darkus Reaper 370G (Reaper)
    Clear Unknown (Has not opened yet)
    Description: Short, Brown hair. Black eyes. Wears basic T-Shirt and Jeans
    Personality: Quick thinking, nervous at times. Overly cautious.

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